Regional Seascape Character Assessment - Ireland

Seascapes are an important part of our sense of identity and culture. Our experience of the character of different seascapes includes coastal/marine history, folkore, art, nature and the activities (recreational and commercial) that we enjoy on and close to the sea. Seascapes can also include views from land to sea, from sea to land and along the coastline.

When we describe seascape character, we are essentially talking about a sense of place. What makes one part of our sea and coast distinctive and different from another?

We are interested in hearing your thoughts and comments about the seascape/s that you are familiar with.

1. This is a map based survey.

2. Please answer 4 short questions and use the ‘Spraycan' tool on the Google Maps viewer to show where you are talking about.

3. You can choose more than one seascape. You can change the Google Map View using the standard zoom/pan. TURN OFF THE SPRAYCAN to move around the map.

4. This survey should only take 3 minutes. We would really appreciate your contribution. Survey responses are anonymous and we do not require any personal information such as names or emails.

This research will help our team gain an understanding of how you experience the seascapes around Ireland.

Thank you for participating!

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