Where is the centre of Yorkshire?

Ey up!

Can you help? Here at The Yorkshire Society we are keen to answer a nutty problem and establish, once and for all, where the centre of God’s own County actually is.

There have been serious academic investigations in the past and even an Ordnance Survey answer to the question, but they came up with different locations.

We think the answer is best found using the wit and wisdom of Yorkshire folk themselves, and so this survey gives you an opportunity to tell us where you think the centre of Yorkshire is.

We will use all your responses and re-consider the results of the academics and Ordnance Survey to reach a definitive answer. It is then our hope to mark the spot in a appropriate way.

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Use the zoom and pan tools to move around the Google map to where you think the centre of the combined counties of Yorkshire is. Click on the green "Click here to turn on the spray can" button and use your mouse/touch pad to spray on the map the location where you think the centre of the county is. The further you zoom in, the more accurate you feel. The more paint you spray the more certain you are. A single mouse-click will just add a few blobs of "paint" so if you feel sure... spray harder by holding the mouse button down for longer. You can then answer a few simple questions about the place you sprayed. Click of the red "Click here ti turn off the spray can" if you want to move to a different part of the map. You can spray a different location using the "Spray again" button. The "Clear" button erases the current spray pattern if you make a mistake, while the "Reset" button resets the map to its original size.

Please note: This survey is best undertaken on a PC or Mac as the software isn't well suited to phones and tablets (sorry).

Have fun.


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