UNSW Study - Perceptions of Walkability in Sydney

Welcome to the UNSW Sydney Walkability study.

This survey contains questions about your regular travel modes, approximate home location, and age, then 4 questions on different aspects of walkability in Greater Sydney. For these questions you have the option of providing text feedback and mapped feedback.

To create maps of perceived walkability, we are trying a 'spraycan' approach to capture imprecise knowledge about places. In the following questions, rather than selecting specific points, you will use an airbrush tool to convey general perceptions about broad areas of the city.

The interface works on mobile phones but is easier to use on a computer. Using a computer or large tablet is recommended.

How to use the mapping interface:
1. On each map there is a 'turn spraycan on' button in the top right, to turn the spraycan on or off.
2. To make your 'spraypaint' area bigger or smaller, zoom in or out of the map.
3. Fill in any text comments, select 'Submit and Next Question' and your map markings and comments will be automatically saved.

All data is anonymous; no information is collected about you apart from your responses to the demographic questions on the next page, which all have the option of providing no answer.
This research is covered under ethics approval HC190783.

How did you find out about this survey?

Social media
UNSW City Futures mailing list
Digital Cities

What is the postcode of your home address?

In a typical week, how often do you work or go to university or school outside your home?

Less than 1 day/week
1 day per week
2 days per week
3 days per week
4 days per week
5 or more days per week

If you work or study outside the home, what is the postcode of your work or study address?

How do you most often get to your place of work or education?

Walking to public transport
Cycling to public transport
Driving to public transport

What is your most common mode of transport for other trips (not to work or education)? Eg shopping, seeing friends and family, doing errands, sports or hobbies.

Public transport

What is your age range?


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